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Flexographic Ink Print

Flexographic Ink Print

Flexographic Ink Print – Our Flexo Ink imprint process uses a “flexible” photopolymer plate placed on a rotating drum to make imprints on the bags. We use a solvent-based ink for printing and can mix inks to match other colors you may need. We also now offer a variety of metallic inks. View our complete line of products we offer at customgreenpromos.com. See all tote bags we offer at Custom Green Promos and Bag Promos Direct.

Why Choose Our Flexo Ink Process?

First reason is fast Production times. Second is affordable Prices. In addition to that, we have the capability to offer it on plastic or paper bags. Lastly, we offer it on small or large quantities.

If you are interested in intricate multi-color and 4-color Flexo Ink imprints, we suggest contacting our Design Centre custom team for more information. Because we feel it’s important to have options, we offer many color choices. First, choose the bag color. Second, choose your imprint color. Lastly, our art department will take it from there.

Ordering – Flexographic Ink Print

We sell our products through a national network of promotional marketing distributorships. They specialize in creative marketing and custom-imprinted merchandise. Please consult the internet or phone directory for a promotional products consultant near you. Please refer to the order information page for more details.


Plate charges apply to all new orders and re-orders with changes. A plate is required for each color and each unique design. Refer to the individual product page for the applicable plate charge. The flexo Ink Plate charge is $60.00 per color, per design.

Art Edits:

After approval for production, a plate charge per color, per design, will be incurred to remake the plate(s).


There is no plate charge for exact reorders if the order was printed within the past 36 months. Reorders with changes to the art, type changes/additions/removal, or additional imprint locations, will be treated as a new order and will incur plate charges.

Production – Flexographic Ink Print

Production time begins after approval of your artwork and credit. Orders that request larger-than-catalog quantities or multiple print locations/colors will require extra production time. Please call for additional production times. During peak production periods, Custom Green Promos may require extended production times due to production capacity. Custom Green Promos will notify customers if submitted orders require additional production times. As a result, production times can fluctuate throughout the year. Therefore we offer rush production and rush shipping options because we always make sure we can meet any deadline.

Current Production Time:

7 business days after all final approvals

Art Specifications

We will need to pre-approve your artwork as color registration requirements exist and vary per bag style. Some movement between colors will occur due to the printing method required for post-converted bags. Colors must be separated by at least 1/4” of surrounding clear space to allow for color movement. Please note that some color movement will still occur. Two-color imprinting is not available on some bags. Download art specifications for reference.

Programs and Formats

Vector art is preferred. Vector images can be resized without any loss of quality. Please note that placing or importing photographs, bitmap, or raster images into a drawing program does not convert them into vector artwork. We accept the following programs and formats:

ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR—Preferred Vector Art Program

Save as native Illustrator .ai file, Illustrator Default PDF with the “Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities” box check-marked, or Windows metafile exported as .wmf.

COREL DRAW—Version X7 and lower

Save as native Corel .cdr file, Adobe PDF, or export as an Illustrator .ai file choosing the highest Illustrator version available from your menu.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept the following programs and formats:Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel, or any Office programs from other vendors, website images, faxes, copies of faxes, photocopies, film negatives or positives, slides, low-resolution laser-printed artwork, letterhead, business cards, napkins, actual imprinted or embroidered products.

Fonts and Line Rules

If we do not have the exact font you used, the text in your art will default to a less attractive font changing the look of your design. Converting your fonts to outlines, paths, or curves eliminates this hazard by changing your fonts into vector shapes. This ensures that your artwork will print exactly how you expect it to look. As a result, the imprint will look much better.

Minimum Sizes

10 point fonts. Thin serif font styles are not recommended. Please convert all fonts to outlines/paths/curves.

1 point lines


For best results, artwork containing halftones must be pre-approved. This is available on select bag styles. Halftones are printed with a 30-line screen. Color percentages for art containing halftones should range from 20% to 60%. Areas less than 20% may not print. As a result, areas greater than 60% may fill-in and become a solid color. Designs that contain gradients or blends may need alterations for optimum print quality. Therefore they will require a final, signed proof approval.

Flexographic Ink Print

Flexographic Ink Print. Our Flexo Ink imprint process uses a “flexible” photopolymer plate placed on a rotating drum to make imprints on the bags.

Custom Green Promos

Your leading supplier of tote bags and all promotional products. Because we are the leader in the industry, we are confident that you will have a great ordering experience. Furthermore, our products are all high quality and eco friendly. In fact, the majority of our products are made from recycled materials, environmentally friendly materials, and sustainable resources. We feel it’s equally important to sell high quality products as well as eco friendly items.

Because recycled bags are so great for the planet, we offer a wide variety of them. In the same way that tote bags are eco friendly, many of the lanyards we offer are also eco friendly. As a result, we are putting eco friendly products in the hands of consumers. Most importantly, we are all doing our part in going green.

Promotional products are a great marketing tool in addition to many of them being eco friendly. Besides that, they are also very practical for daily use. They can be stylish and affordable as well.