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Our Mission

Our Mission – Custom Green Promos

Our mission at Custom Green Promos is to produce and supply high quality eco friendly reusable grocery bags. We do so while promoting business practices that are conscious of the environment as well as respect the earth. It is our focus to facilitate the flow of eco friendly promotional products into the hands of businesses everywhere.  We are helping to make the planet a safe and environmentally friendly place for generations to come. This is achieved by producing reusable and environmentally friendly products. See our complete line of promotional advertising products at customgreenpromos.com.

We strive towards a common goal of enabling people to be able to make these products a part of their everyday life. To view our complete line of eco friendly promotional products including reusable bags, eco friendly pens, and more, please click here.


Offering our customers the option to purchase reusable shopping bags is one way globally that we are working to cut our plastic bag waste by one-third. With fewer plastic bags and helping consumers obtain recyclable products, we expect to do our part in eliminating more than 135 million pounds of plastic waste globally.

We hope that our commitment could have far-reaching benefits. We fee our bag reduction strategy can be very effective. It is estimated that roughly 60-80 percent of all debris in our oceans is plastic. On the economic side, governments could also end up spending less to discard plastic bags. Currently it costs the State of California about $25 million each year just to take such bags to landfills. Our efforts could also reduce energy consumption by about 678,000 barrels of oil each year. In addition to that, it can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 290,000 metric tons. This is quivalent to taking 53,000 automobiles off the road.

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Making Progress All Over the Globe – Our Mission – Recycled Bags

Since we introduced reusable recycled bags to our U.S. customers years ago, we are doing our part to eliminate the need for plastic ones. Our achievements are creating a more sustainable way to save our customers money and help them live better. We are the leading supplier in the industry. It’s our focus on the eco friendly aspect of business that separates us from our competitors.