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Recycled PET Bags

Recycled PET Bags – Custom Green Promos

Recycled PET Bags – Choose from our selection of recycled PET bags (RPET Bags), from Degas, Monet, and Renoir we have you covered. Great for the environment, our Eco friendly bags will be great for your next advertising campaign. Customize each Recycled PET bag with your company logo for a great promotional tool.  Let our staff handle everything. All you have to do is make the call. Therefore, the longer you wait, the more potential business you miss out on. First, choose your bag. Second, place your order. We will take it from there.

These recycled reusable grocery bags are going to be the hit of your next corporate event or trade show.  In fact, Custom Green Promos prides itself on being a Green Eco Friendly company. As a result, we are a company that cares about the environment. Don’t hesitate to call us today toll free 888.565.2235. Recycled bags are a great option for your company. See all of our recycled bags at Custom Green Promos and Bag Promos Direct.

Recycled Bags

Innovative products and game changing marketing ideas is what we are about here at Custom Green Promos. We want to turn your marketing ideas into a reality through the use of our promotional products. Our line of thousands of products is changing daily to keep up with the ever-growing demand for newer and creative items.

When considering the earth, reducing pollution, and finally preventing global warming, the solution is the use of recycled bags. Unlike paper bags, the production of reusable bags does not lead to emission of harmful greenhouse gases. They are produced from non-woven polypropylene which are durable and reusable. Let’s say NO to greenhouse gases. Let’s stop the use of one time use paper and plastic bags. As a result, we can give the earth a fresh start.

Custom Promotional Advertising Products – Reusable Bags

Request a free quote at 888-565-2235. Custom Green Promos | Bag Promos Direct | Gorilla Totes

Custom Green Promos is your best source for Recycled Bags. Furthermore, all other eco friendly promotional products. We produce environmentally friendly tote bags and promos for businesses taking part in the eco movement. Our specialty is offering a wide line of tote bags. From reusable shopping bags or a reusable grocery bags, many are made of a non woven polypropylene material. In fact, we stock many offered in dozens of colors as well as styles.

You can count on the fact that you will find what you are looking for when you call upon Custom Green Promos to produce your tote. We have been producing quality, durable and functional tote bags for many years. Because we are the factory, you will able to receive wholesale pricing. In addition to that, you will have absolute control and complete customization when it comes to designing the right bag for your company as well as approval over the artwork imprint.

Our staff is friendly, trained and experienced within the marketing industry. Meeting your expectations is the standard we have set. We provide the latest in marketing trends and products in order to do so. We always put your creative ideas into action thru every product we sell. Just tell us what you want, and we will take care of it. As a consumer seeking quality reusable shopping bags or reusable grocery bags, you are entitled to the best green bags that you can buy. You can be confident that you will be getting that type of guarantee from Custom Green Promos.

Reusable Recycled (RPET) Bags

Reusable Recycled (RPET) Bags are going to continue to increase in popularity for many years to come. The great benefit of them is the fact that they are reusable, which is great for the planet, but also the fact that companies get their logo imprinted on the side. Customgreenpromos.com does many very important things when it comes to reusable bags. We manufacture a high quality product because we know that is what the consumer is looking for. We also manufacture them in our own facility allowing us to pass along the savings to the customers.

Yet another great feature of our company is, and this can be overlooked by many suppliers out there, the print work on all the reusable bags is just as high quality as the material of the bags. It’s important that you find a supplier that is going to do great print work on the reusable bags because one of the main reasons your company is using them is to promote your logo and brand. With this in mind, it’s crucial for everyone to clearly see your logo printed on the bags.

Eco Friendly Recycled PET Bags

Eco Friendly recycled PET Bags are being used by nonprofit organizations everywhere to promote their organizations and to let the world know that they care about the environment. The reason organizations like to use reusable bags is because they are very effective at gaining exposure to your logo and brand, and they are affordable. Non Profit companies have to stay within their budget and eco friendly custom tote bags allow them to do so. Aside from these types of companies, other places that they have become popular are in schools. Student organizations and clubs are always looking for a great product to use for a giveaway with their school logo on it. With reusable bags, a school can promote their logo while do something that is great for the planet.

Whether it’s a not for profit company or a university club trying to find a marketing vehicle that will allow them to gain exposure and clean up the planet at the same time, look no further than green bags. The effort to clean up the planet has begun. It’s important to live our daily lives and conduct business in a manner that is conscious of the safety of the planet. This is made all made possible when using reusable bags.

Recycled Grocery Shopping PET Tote Bags

Reusable PET grocery bags are quickly becoming very popular to use at grocery stores and places everywhere. RPET Green bags are not only a popular item in replacing grocery bags, but are also quickly becoming a necessity for consumers everywhere including retail outlets. Custom Green Promos is your leading supplier for reusable grocery PET tote bags and eco friendly custom green promotional advertising products. The products we offer, including our green rpet bags, consist of the highest grade material. Furthermore, our service is the best in the industry.

RPET Custom Recycled Tote Bags

We carry an extensive line of recycled bags. For instance, this includes RPET Recycled Bags, Polypropylene Recyclable bags, and many more. As a result, we are able to meet the ever-growing needs of your company. In addition to green reusable bags, we offer a wide selection of recycled lanyards, seed paper plantable products, eco pens, hats, t-shirts, custom sport bottles, and more. Our extensive line of grocery shopping recycled bags are among the best in the industry. We’ve been producing and supplying superior eco bags, green grocery shopping bags, and green promotional advertising products for years. We have the capability to offer wholesale bulk pricing on all our tote bags and other products because we manufacture all of our tote bags and other products ourselves.

In addition to factory direct wholesale pricing, we have the ability to customize all our custom bags along with every promotional product in order to meet your specifications. The demand for rpet green bags is growing and our company will be able to give the consumer what they want. The next time your company has a giveaway or promotion, please consider us and one of our green bags.

Non Woven Bags – Custom Green Promos

We have the best supply of non-woven bags that you can find anywhere. All of our non-woven tote bags are in stock and very affordable. See our selection at: CustomGreenPromos.com | BagPromosDirect.com | GorillaTotes.com

Recycled PET Bags – Rpet Bags – Recycled Bags

Don’t hesitate to request a free quote today on any of our recycled pet bags and rpet bags. They are in stock and available at great prices.  Customer service can provide you with a free quote. Call 888-565-2235 for pricing.

We are the best place to find deals on recycled pet bags and rpet bags.  In addition to that, we also offer recycled drawstring bags. Furthermore, we offer tee shirts and so much more. Call today for pricing at 888-565-2235.

We stock many recycled pet bags to choose from. Call for pricing on our rpet bags. Request a free quote today. You can also call customer service at 888-565-2235. Our staff will gladly step you through the ordering process.

Give us a call for pricing on our custom recycled pet bags. We have the best selection. In addition to that, we have very affordable prices. Call for pricing. Customer service can be reached at 888-556-2235.

Recycled PET Totes Imprinted

Recycled PET Totes Imprinted – Custom Green Promos | Bag Promos Direct | Gorilla Totes

Custom Green Promos is a Company that Produces High Quality and Stylish Reusable Bags

Custom Green Promos is a company that places a strong emphasis on high quality products that also benefit the environment. From their Non Woven Bags and recycled PET totes imprinted, to all of their products made out of seed paper, you will absolutely find the right promotional tool that is exactly what you are looking for. Every single product in their inventory has a positive impact on the environment. They feel it’s crucial as a company to keep the planet a safe and green place for our future.

As the consumer, you will be able to receive each product at the best possible price because they produce everything in house, allowing them to pass along the savings to you. It’s astonishing to know that you can find a company out there that has the knowledge, know how, resources, and production capabilities to offer you such durable products for such low prices. The world is changing in the fact that people are becoming much more eco conscious. Consumers and businesses alike are making sure they make an effort to clean up the planet through the way they live and conduct business.

Recycled Bags – Custom Green Promos – Seed Paper

Many of their recycled bags are 85% post-consumer recycled plastic. As a result, this means More jobs, less waste. This includes the RE428-C Recycled PET tote bag. It is 160 gm/M2 22 needle stitch material made from 85% post-consumer recyclable plastic. It’s a great option for groceries, shopping malls, and the library. In fact, the possibilities are endless. This one bag replaces two standard sized plastic bags. Call today for pricing on our reusable bags, green bags, and any of our eco friendly bags. We have many sizes and styles to choose from. If you are looking for reusable grocery bags or Reusable Shopping Bags, you have found the right company. In addition to that, we offer high quality custom seed paper as well.

Reusable Grocery Bags – Custom Green Promos

We offer high quality Reusable Grocery Bags and Green Bags at amazing prices. Call customer for pricing on all of our products including our Recycled Bags.