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Vista Scan Imprinting

Vista Scan Imprinting | Custom Green PromosVISTASCAN

Vista Scan Imprinting – VISTASCAN is an innovative new concept for your promotional bag marketing. By combining our COLORVISTA imprint process with digital barcode technology, we create a truly interactive experience for your audience. You can also visit us at Bag Promos Direct. Call us for details about our Vista Scan Imprinting.

A digital barcode is an imperceptible digital ID which is embedded into a COLORVISTA imprint. While your eye can’t see a digital barcode, smartphones and tablets can. Scanning the imprint with a mobile device provides an enriched user experience. And because of this, enhanced marketing opportunities.

The digital barcodes can be detected with the DIGIMARC® Discover mobile app. Scan the photo on the bag, and instantly access an online video, web page, or more! First, contact customer service for pricing. Second, place your order. Last but not least, enjoy the finished product. It’s that easy.

Make VISTASCAN Work for You

Vista Scan Imprinting – Looking for a distinctive way to take your promotional marketing program to the next level. Therefore offering a memorable, enriched user experience? Email us for details about our Vista Scan Imprinting process. In addition to our Vistascan process, we offer a number of other imprint process options. Besides that, we also have many sizes, styles, and colors of each product. Therefore you will definitely find the right product for you and your company.

Our Tote Bags

Reusable, attractive, functional—and perhaps the best mobile branding vehicle ever created! Because they are reusable, they are also eco friendly. As a result, you will be going green. All of our products are high quality. Therefore you can be confident in all of our tote bags.


Our full-color imprint process allows you to print your artwork in vibrant colors. Therefore, this will add consistency to your brand. As a result, you will be thrilled by the end product. For instance, does your company have a trade show approaching? Maybe you are looking for a promotional product that will stand apart from the competition and keep you within budget too. All of our products are high quality. Most importantly, they are also very affordable. It’s equally important to stay within budget as it is to find the product that is right for you.

VISTASCAN | Vista Scan Imprinting

Add a digital barcode to your full-color design and create a completely interactive user experience! In addition to that, you can order through our design center and customize any of the bags.

Choose the right bag for your marketing objective, provide your full-color design, and determine the best online destination to share with your audience. You’ll have complete control because you can change the barcode’s online destination anytime and as often as you want while the digital barcode is active. As a result, the end product will be designed to your specifications.

Think how this interactivity could impact your next trade show, conference, product launch or marketing program. You’ll get greater reach and greater engagement with your audience. As a result, you will be promoting your brand very effectively. You will stay within budget too.

Getting Started

We’re here to help you every step of the way. First from opening your online portal account. Second to tracking your results. We’ll even embed the barcode into your design for you! Therefore you can be confident that we will handle the heavy lifting. As a result, you can be confident in our staff and our art department. You will ultimately be calling upon us again and again for your promotional product needs.

Marketing Toolkit – Vista Scan Imprinting

Getting to Know VistaScan Fact Sheet: An overview of VistaScan and the process for ordering bags with digital barcodes.

Getting Started with VistaScan – Technical Guidelines: An overview of VistaScan art specifications and fees.

FAQ: Answers to common questions about VistaScan, to help make your program a success.

VistaScan video: A brief video explaining more about our VistaScan process.

Or you can download the marketing toolkit as a zip file here

Want More Info? Contact Us

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us at sales@m7y.f8c.myftpupload.com. Our staff is friendly and experienced. In fact, they are the best in the business. Another reason to call us is our amazing art department. Most importantly, all of our products are high quality and very affordable. Furthermore, you are going to have a great experience when you purchase from us.

Placing An Order

Create an account with Digimarc. The account holder is responsible for paying Digimarc service fees and updating the destination URL. Submit your purchase order noting that you want to use VistaScan in your ColorVista imprint. Include the following:

  • The e-mail address used to create your Digimarc account
  • Your Digimarc account password
  • The URL to which you want to link your digital barcode
  • Art files that meet our ColorVista art specifications

We will embed the barcode into your artwork using your Digimarc account and perform preliminary tests to verify the barcode is working properly. Once you approve the proof, we will print your barcode bags.


Imperceptible digital IDs are an added-value print enhancement available using Custom Green Promos’ ColorVista print process. The digital technology and service activation is provided by Digimarc® Corporation.

Custom Green Promos | Vista Scan Imprinting | DIGIMARC

No charge for art set-up or embedding and testing one digital ID per design/order. Multiple IDs within one design or one order may incur additional art set-up charges based on the additional number of digital IDs and complexity of the art set-up. Art charges are $60.00 per hour with a minimum charge of $30.00.

A service fee of $50.00 per each digital ID is paid directly to DIGIMARC by the DIGIMARC account owner. Custom Green Promos does not collect or pay this fee.

Art Guidelines

  • CMYK artwork required and must meet COLORVISTA art requirements.
  • A 2 in. x 2 in. minimum area is required to contain a digital barcode.
  • Photos and multi-colored art are best suited for digital barcodes. Pure White cannot be coded. Large areas of Black or extremely dark colors are not recommended.
  • Custom Green Promos will embed the digital barcode into your artwork using your or your client’s Digimarc account. Please do not apply the barcode to your art yourself. We must make technical adjustments to the art before the barcode is embedded.
  • Multiple digital barcodes can be used in one design if the imprint area is large enough to support multiple hot spots. Each barcode requires a separate Digimarc service charge. Additional art set-up charges may also apply.

Going Green

We are the top supplier of environmentally friendly products. Because all of our products are eco friendly, you will be doing your part in going green. As a result, the earth will be a cleaner and better place. We feel sustainable resources and recycled products should be a part of everyday life too. Most importantly, we think it’s essential to take a stand in being part of the green movement. Therefore, all of our eco friendly products are high quality and the majority of them are reusable.

We are the leading supplier of tote bags, plastic bags, and all promotional bags. Besides that, we also offer a wide variety of other promotional products. Furthermore, you can be confident in our staff to assist you with any questions you have.